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Keeping Up With Home Design Trends

What sellers and stagers should know about the trends ahead

Preparing Your Home to SellIt is a well-known fact; staging and preparing your home for sale has a significant impact on the speed of the sale as well as a large influence on the sale price of your home. The curb appeal, first impressions when potential buyers walk into your home, and the layout of the furnishings all significantly affect the sale price of the home.
Just as fashion trends change, interior design trends change and evolve from year to year. Everything from the style of the backsplash in your kitchen, colors of your walls and furnishings, bath vanity styles, as well as the storage system in the garage. Inman compiled The top 20 home design trends of 2017 in a recent article. [Read The Full Article Here]. A few tweaks on your style could have a large impact on the sale of your home.

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 In The Kitchen

  1. Built-in bars
  1. Contrasting islands
  1. Colored island plus colored fridge
  1. Hexagonal tile backsplash
  1. White and wood kitchens
  1. Wall of tile in kitchen
  1. Marble surfaces
  1. Go Greenery
  1. Opt for Shadow or Poised Taupe
  1. Beige is in
  1. Don’t forget the color!
  1. Velvet aboveground

In The Bath

  1. You’re so vain
  1. Black steel (and glass)
  1. They hang brightly
  1. Time for romance
  1. Multi-room remodels
  1. Human docking stations
  1. Garage remodels
  1. Shedquarters


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